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Another Castle

It’s been 3 ½ years and more than 1,000,000 views since the day Another Castle launched. 3 ½ exhausting, rewarding, costly, successful, wonderful years. Unfortunately, over the course of 2015, our consistency dropped significantly month after month. Although we tried to regain momentum, we just couldn’t find our footing.

After months of debating, I’ve decided to archive Another Castle. We’ll still be here, in a sense, but we will no longer be publishing or promoting.

This is incredibly hard for me to do, but in the end, this venture has been incredibly successful and I’m so grateful for having gone on this journey with all of you. I’ve worked alongside some wonderful and talented writers, and I’ve become a better person for knowing you. I’m so amazed with your work and so proud of how much I’ve seen you grow. No matter where you write in the future, I’ll always…

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Burned Retinas: Blue Exorcist (About 90% Spoiler Free)

Somewhere In The Midst Of Nowhere

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A great chef does not create a masterpiece cuisine by following the directions printed on a box, or following someone else’s instructions. It takes their own ingenuity and innovation to cultivate a serving that when served to a patron, will be something they may not soon forget, perhaps earning worldwide recognition. The road to making something unique and out of the ordinary is not an easy trek. You would have to hope that everyone is willing to open their minds and try something completely new. Or if blazing a new path is a bit risky, then perhaps adding a spice to something people have already been served will wake up the old taste buds. How does this overly-drawn out culinary analogy apply to Blue Exorcist? Well, shounen action titles over the last 10 years have become boxes of cake mix, and writers have been following the instructions by the books, creating a subgenre that…

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ColonelFancy’s Year End Awards: Best and Worst Anime 2011

Welcome, and thank you for reading my first Year End awards: Anime Edition. Now, to briefly explain, this doesn’t categorize anime and manga distrubuted or published in said calendar year, but rather the anime and manga titles that I have read or watched for the either for first time or still viewing/airing. Each category will include a top 3 of said list followed by a brief explanation of why I chose this title.  Continue reading