The Shenmue Family Reunion


I felt great about Shenmue reaching far above and beyond its stretch goals. I am a happy back back of this game on Kickstarter and made this little comic strip as an expression of my joy.The Shemue Family Reunion

Powered by Microsoft Paint! The first panel looks like garbage, I know. My I-Pen ran out of batteries

Ink & Colored Pencil Doodles

Street Fighter Artwork in coloered pencil

I really intend on getting some real things going on this page. Co-managing my other site [Somewhere In The Midst of Nowhere] and keeping content fresh has been a chore. One thing I really love doing is creating. Surprisingly, I don’t do much fan art since I have been out of school. Animation is my next mountain to climb, but in the mean time, I still go back to pencil, ink, markers, and paint. Here are some of my recent projects I have used for various things:

Burned Retinas: Blue Exorcist (About 90% Spoiler Free)

Originally posted on Somewhere In The Midst of Nowhere:

Blue Exorcist title card

A great chef does not create a masterpiece cuisine by following the directions printed on a box, or following someone else’s instructions. It takes their own ingenuity and innovation to cultivate a serving that when served to a patron, will be something they may not soon forget, perhaps earning worldwide recognition. The road to making something unique and out of the ordinary is not an easy trek. You would have to hope that everyone is willing to open their minds and try something completely new. Or if blazing a new path is a bit risky, then perhaps adding a spice to something people have already been served will wake up the old taste buds. How does this overly-drawn out culinary analogy apply to Blue Exorcist? Well, shounen action titles over the last 10 years have become boxes of cake mix, and writers have been following the instructions by the books, creating a subgenre that…

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